Saturday, March 21, 2009

For those that are smart enough to check my blog on a regular basis...

This is the pregnancy update...

Yesterday morning at 7:30am, we went in for an induction with
a prostaglandin gel. Nicole was monitored for an hour, then we headed to her parents' house. We hung out for a bit, then Nicole, her mom Coleen, her sister Amber and Amber's daughter Mya, headed out for groceries.

I chilled out on the couch and did some catching up online. They came back with hot dogs for lunch, popsicles (at my request) and pepsi, of course!

We were told to head back to the hospital for 5pm, then Nicole was hooked up to a monitor again. The doctor finally arrived at about 20 after six, along with the specialist. They both performed "exams" then let us know that her cervix had moved, so the gel had made a difference.

Nicole was then gelled with a far less amount of the gel, monitored again for an hour (where we noticed minor contractions about every four minutes lasting for a minute). We then headed back to her parents' place and hung out for awhile, til Nicole decided she would be more comfortable at home.

It is now 6:37am and we are scheduled for an Oxytocin induction this morning. If all goes according to plans, she will be hooked up for an epidural, then the IV drip and we should be meeting our daughter later on today!!

Wish us luck...

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