Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another Spork-stravaganza

So, yesterday I spent a good couple of hours Skype-ing with Louis (Spork Kills' lead singer/rapper/pianist/artist extraordinaire), and he made it clear that he wanted me a lot more active with the street team thing...

In turn, you will see a lot more regular entries on this here blog!
My goal is to send a daily email to the crew to keep them motivated and promoting, as I'll be doing the same!

I also created some faux videos on youtube for all the tracks off Spork Kills EP "Beaches Love Us"
Head on over to youtube and search "Spork Kills", and marvel at my handiwork!

And now: Baby News...

Tonight, being friday night, was the first of three birthing classes...the woman teaching the classes acted out what a contraction is actually like. I'm frightened...honestly...
I feel I have already learned a lot tonight, therefore feeling a little more prepared for what shall be occurring in approximately three weeks time.

Til we meet again...


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