Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oddly enough, what I thought should be #1, actually is #1...

This is a short post...and just something I think is worth sharing...

I used to read (and flip through) A LOT of Hip Hop magazines. The Source, Rappages, Murder Dog, Word Up, RapMasters...

I remember laughing at a lot of album cover art that I'd see advertised in these magazines. Independently released "artists" with horribly low budgets to work with.

One of these album covers has haunted me for years. After coming across a list of "Worst Hip Hop Album Covers", I've uncovered this gem made #1 on the list.

May I present...

What the website had to say:

We have made it to the number one Worst Hip Hop Album Cover of all time. What makes for the number one worst? It is a priceless combination of strangeness, abuse of Photoshop, overuse of set props with the plastic fruit, and present elements of gayness and bitchassness.

Big Bear, whose name is made out of honey, is depicted in a silk robe sitting at a table feasting with bears who also don silk robes and tiny little purple Shriner’s hats. They smoke cigars and drink from blinging goblets as Big Bear’s pinky ring blings at you as if it is winking the way the bear to his left who peers at you over its sunglasses is. For all its ridiculousness, Big Bear’s “Doin’ Thangs” is number one.

We proudly award our Strangeness Award."

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