Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blogadocious Beginnings - Baby, Birthday and Spork Kills

Well, today is the day I've (I'm the bald guy on the left) decided to create my own blog...to join the land of the bloggers!

My 34th Birthday is in two weeks, my baby is due on March 15 and I've just volunteered to be a part of something destined to be huge...Spork Kills...

This blog will be regularly updated...keeping my "fans" current on all things Sean, Nicole, Baby, Spork Kills and anything else that I feel is fit for consumption!!

Let's keep this short and sweet for today:

1. Check out Spork Kills on myspace and add them up:


2. Check out Spork Kills on facebook and add them up:


3. Pre-order their new EP "Beaches Love Us" through their myspace page:


So, today I spoke with Spork Kills' frontman, Louis Logic, on the phone...and was asked to be a part of the publicist team for the project...

Meaning: Everyone will be hearing everything there is to know about Spork Kills from me...A Lot!!

So, pay attention...you'll thank me for introducing you to their music...

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